Founder of Unique LA, Sonja Rasula

Unique L.A. is quickly becoming the mecca of trade shows for both lover and maker of local, independent artwork, goods, and clothing.  It’s a two-day event happening Dec. 11th and 12th where visitors pay $10 at the door and get to shop from a huge variety of innovative designers and craftsmen (not to mention you get free drinks, and you get a sweet tote bag).  I REALLY want to go this year…….however, I’ve heard that the founder, Sonja Rasula, is working on bringing the market to Atlanta soon, which would be totally tubular (they say that in Cali).  It’d be a great venue for the South, in more ways than one with Unique L.A.‘s “consumerism counts” philosophy.  Not only does it boost local economy by selling goods made only in the US, but they also donate a portion of their sales to a different non-profit organization each show.  What’s not to love?  If any of you have ever attended this event, let me know!  I’d like to hear about it.

Just a few examples of last season’s vendors:

False Start; indepependent book and zines


Yellow Wallpaper